Plain Doctoring:

Selected Writings, 1983-2013

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Part memoir, part textbook, it will challenge the views of average consumers of Western medicine. It embraces the ideals of self-healing and patient-centered care that led him to homeopathy. An eye-opening look at the medical profession.

--Kirkus Reviews

Thoughtful, well-reasoned, witty, entertaining, and strikes chords that resonate strongly. He has strong points of view and presents them cogently.

-- Karl Robinson, MD, American journal of Homeopathic Medicine

An assemblage of journal articles, with excerpts from his two previous books. Richard is a good writer; the philosophical is compellingly blended with the practical. It is erudite, yet down-to-earth, offering pearls of wisdom on every page.

-- Jay Yasgur, RPh, Homeopathy Today

Spanning 30 years of homeopathic practice, and sharing hard-earned wisdom, he describes the philosophy of homeopathy in modern, grounded language, such that a general reader can understand it, and a seasoned practitioner will appreciate its elegance and simplicity.

--David Johnson, CCH, RSHom., Hpathy

Highly recommended for students of homeopathy and homeopathic clients, for deeper insight into a healing art that can yield astonishing results. His elegant use of language makes reading this book a pleasure.

-- Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH, Amazon customer review

His use of language is a pleasure to the inner ear. There are strong philosophical and ethical elements running through nearly every article. His work is carefully thought out [and] carries a tone of certitude that sweeps the reader along. Drawing on years of experience, his clinical writing never says anything he hasn't seen with his own eyes. The case reports are pithy, clear and often show some new aspect of the remedy being described. This book is a jewel of homeopathic literature.

-- Roger Morrison, MD, Spectrum of Homeopathy

Dick has studied philosophy, and that is the key to understanding his book. He knows how to think, and he knows how to express his thoughts in writing. There are so few books focusing on homeopathy which are not exhorting us to adopt a method or follow a leader, and display clarity of thought by a real philosopher of medicine.

-- Francis Treuherz, M. A., Homeopathic Links