Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth

By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

270 pp., with Index,


Published 1992 by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA

Available from the author,, or local bookstores

This book is a joy to read. It is written by an experienced, knowledgeable homeopath, based on years of attending women during pregnancy and childbirth. The remedies are covered in such a way that one recognizes the author's own interpretation of them through experience. Short case vignettes augment the remedy pictures. Both students of homeopathy and childbirth professionals will find this book helpful. The introduction covers the basics of homeopathic philosophy, case-taking, and prescribing. The middle section is devoted to basic remedies. The final section discusses treatment for specific clinical problems in pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and the newborn period. One repeatedly appreciates how the author respects the individual and learns from each experience. I hope that the book finds its way into midwifery practices across the country.

-- Kathleen Grandison, M. D., Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy

An exceptionally well-written and thorough presentation of homeopathy for midwives. If the subject has put you off in the past, give it another try with this book. Generously woven throughout these eloquent remedy pictures are accounts from Dr. Moskowitz own experience of nearly 20 years in homeopathic home birth practice, which bring each remedy to life. His book is so much more than a primer, for it makes available the essentials for self-care for the midwife or practitioner who is only slightly familiar with homeopathy. For the more experienced homeopath, it is a handbook for quick reference, including the keynotes necessary for easier prescribing

. -- Narinjan Khalsa, Certified Midwife, MidwivesÕ Alliance of North America

This book attempt to educate three groups: professional midwives who are not homeopaths; homeopaths who are not midwives; and non-practitioners who want to take care of themselves or a loved one during pregnancy. That is a tall order, but the book succeeds in offering something for everyone. One thing that stands out is the author's skill as a writer. The cases he presents from his own experience to illustrate particular remedy states are mesmerizing to me because of his story- telling. He always writes with humility, aware of his own imperfections. In conclusion, the book is an essential resource for the homeopath, midwife, or self-helper. It is elegantly written, respectful of women, and backed up by documented clinical experience.

-- Sidney Skinner, M.S.N., R.N.C.S., Homeopathy Today

You are holding a classic in your hands. No one before has written such a comprehensive tome on homeopathy and the childbearing period. No one could bring more attention to detail and more scholastic precision to the subject than Dick Moskowitz. And no book could be more accessible. Steeped in both traditional and cutting-edge wisdom, he grounds both in the true scientific method of observation and response. His insights into the nature of the healing process are as valuable as the rich depth of case details and individual remedies that he catalogues. DonÕt even hesitate. You will want to own this book. It will revolutionize the health care of women in this country.

-- Peggy O'Mara, Editor and Publisher, Mothering Magazine