Doctor’s opinion on the keto diet

Doctor’s opinion on the keto diet

If you are looking to start a keto diet plan and you are skeptical about it, then the best way out for it would be to consult a doctor and take his advise on whether you should start this diet plan or not.

As per research, Keto Diet is found to be effective and it works on most of the people. People of different ages and weight were put on Keto Diet and over 85 % of them found it effective. The diet plan worked for them and they started losing fats by eating them!

Health experts such as hello keto diet explain this phenomenon as Ketosis. It is the stage in the body when it starts consuming fats directly and converts it into energy by burning them. This is an interesting metabolism process, which is achieved with help of a good plan Keto Diet plan.

Under this diet plan, the fats intake in the body is increased to over 60 % and at the same time, the carbs percentage is bought down to the minimum level possible. This result in the process of Ketosis in the body which results in burning of fats, thus reducing the weight of the body and making it look slim and fit.

In order to get better results, custom diet plans were framed for each individual. Their food preferences were inquired and the diet plan was framed accordingly. As they got the food that they loved to eat, the results were even better!

So, we can say that the Keto diet plan has got medically acclaims as well. However, it would be best to consult your doctor before starting it. He will surely be able to provide you with some useful tips which would be helpful for you in successfully starting this diet plan. Once you get the approval from the doctor, you can get started with Keto Diet!

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